Jesse Jackman

Jesse Jackman

Cock Size: 8" Cut < BACK TO TITAN MEN
Age: 42
Height: 6'1" Weight: 230 lbs
TURN-ONS: I get turned on by scruffy, beefy dudes who can take a pounding just as well as they can give one. But they also need to have a wit and intelligence that keeps the pillow talk interesting!
Jesse Jackman
Jesse Jackman
Jesse Jackman
Jesse Jackman



I'm a writer, software engineer, and logorrheic dork savant who moonlights as a TitanMen exclusive porn star -- although I prefer the term "erotic illusionist." I was born in raised in Boston (yup, I'm a total Masshole), where I live with my fiance Dirk Caber, a classical musician and fellow Titan Man. I enjoy writing about my experiences as a fortysomething gay pornographic actor at check it out!


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