Dean Flynn

Dean Flynn

Cock Size: 8" Cut < BACK TO TITAN MEN
Age: 34 Sexual Role: Versatile
Height: 6'2"
TURN-ONS: Big strong daddy types
Dean Flynn
Dean Flynn
Dean Flynn
Dean Flynn



I have a Masters in Education and am currently an adjunct professor at a major Eastern University.


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Road to Redneck Hollow: Dean Flynn, Rodney Steele, Riley Scott & Trojan Rock

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The Making of the Tony Buff & Dean Flynn Realistic Dildos (long version)

The Making of the Dean Flynn Realistic Dildo


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Slick Dogs: Photos: Action

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Search and Rescue: Photos- Action

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Folsom Maneuvers: Photos: Action

Folsom Maneuvers: Photos: Men

Distraction: Photos: Action

Battle Creek Breakdown: Photos: Action

Folsom Flesh: Photos: Action

Distraction: Photos: Models

Battle Creek Breakdown: Photos: Models

Folsom Flesh: Photos: Models

Dust Devils: Photos: Action

Double Standard: Photos: Action

Dust Devils: Photos: Models

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Copperhead Canyon: Photos: Action

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Fear: Photos: Francois Sagat & Dean Flynn

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