Dred Scott

Dred Scott

Cock Size: 9" Cut < BACK TO TITAN MEN
Age: 41
Height: 6'0 Weight: 190 lbs
TURN-ONS: Older Daddy types that like to get their asses pounded
Dred Scott
Dred Scott
Dred Scott



I've only ever worked with TitanMen, never with any other studio. I chose my stage name to stir up a little controversy as I am multi-racial.


SEA MEN: FALLEN ANGEL 4- Dred Scott, Gabriel Cortez & Stein Losnegaard


Carny: Behind the Scenes

Carny: Cum Shot Review

Carny: Dred Scott & Jake Corwin

Carny: Danny Lopez, Dred Scott & Gil Cortez

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Slammer: Dred Scott, Billy Wild and Jon Galt

Slammer: Billy Wild, Dred Scott & Papi Moreno

Slammer: Trailer

Detour: Dred Scott & Eddie Moreno

Gorge: Road Trip extras & interviews

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Exhibition: Behind the Scenes

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Exhibition: Cumshots

Gorge: Dred Scott 3- way with Carlos Marquez & Chad Williams

Exhibition: Dred Scott & Ray Stone

Gorge: Four-gy in the outdoors! Dred Scott, Jake Marshall, Matthew York & Ray Dragon

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Trespass: Movie Trailer


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Carny: Photos: Models

Slammer: Photos: Dred Scott, Billy Wild & Jon Galt

Carny: Photos: Dred Scott & Jake Corwin

Carny: Photos: Danny Lopez, Dred Scott & Gil Cortez

Detour: Photos: Dred Scott & Eddie Moreno

Exhibition: Photos: Dred Scott & Ray Stone

Gorge: Photos: Dred Scott, Carlos Marquez & Chad Williams

Gorge: Photos: Dred Scott, Jake Marshall, Ray Dragon & Matthew York

Gorge: Photos: Dred Scott & Ray Dragon

Trespass: Photos: Dan Dirk, Dred Scott

Trespass: Photos: Patrick Knight, Dred Scott

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Legion Best of Fallen Angel: Photos: Action

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TitanMen Cumshots Vol 1: Photos: Action

Dred Scott: Prime Cuts: Photos: Action


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