Eddy CeeTee

Eddy CeeTee

Cock Size: 7" Cut < BACK TO TITAN MEN
Age: 25 Sexual Role: Top
Height: 5'9" Weight: 185 lbs
TURN-ONS: Personally I love myself hairy and there’s nothing hotter to me than a beefy man with a hairy chest but i have also been very attracted to smooth guys my main thing is I love beef! hahah.
Eddy CeeTee
Eddy CeeTee
Eddy CeeTee



I would describe myself as a home-body; even though my career is focused more around being in the nightlife and in the gay scene, i take a lot of time off just to relax at home. i feel like it’s the only way to maintain my sanity.


Break a Sweat: Cumshots

Break a Sweat: Eddy CeeTee & Jesse Jackman

Blue Collar Ballers: Cumshots

Catch 22: Eddy CeeTee & Hugh Hunter

Blue Collar Ballers: Nick Prescott & Eddy Ceetee

Grease Monkey: Cumshots

Grease Monkey: Eddy CeeTee & Nick Capra

TaXXX: Behind the scenes

TaXXX: Cumshots

TaXXX: Eddy Ceetee and Alex Mecum think taxes are hard!

TaXXX: Movie Trailer

Sling: Cumshots

Sling: Behind the Scenes

Sling: Liam Knox and Eddy Ceetee fuck in the sling factory!

Sling: Movie Trailer

Say Uncle: Cumshot compilation

Parole: Behind the scenes

Say Uncle: Behind the Scenes

Parole: Cumshot compilation

Say Uncle: High school wrestling pals Matthew Bosch & Eddy Ceetee wrestle for top!

Parole: Officers Bruce Beckham & Eddy Ceetee take frisking to a whole new level!

Parole: Movie Trailer

Say Uncle: Movie Trailer


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Blue Collar Ballers: Photos: Action

Catch 22: Photos: Action

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Blue Collar Ballers: Photos: Men

Catch 22: Photos: Men

Grease Monkey: Photos: Action

Grease Monkey: Photos: Men

Sling: Photos: Eddy CeeTee & Liam Knox

TaXXX: Photos: Eddy CeeTee & Alex Mecum

Parole: Photos: Eddy CeeTee & Bruce Beckham

Say Uncle: Photos: Matthew Bosch & Eddy CeeTee


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