Reckon you're thinkin' things is mighty tuckered out down in the holler nowadays. The old mine's been boarded up so long it's collapsing into ruins. And the gol durned rain's keepin' the menfolk all cooped up. But the horny guys ain't festerin'. In a funky trailer, the stable's tack room, an unfinished cabin, and especially that abandoned mine, eleven unshaven, hairy chested, hard bodied and heavy hung TitanMen bust their raging rockabilly gonads loose with a backroads passion that's just plain dirty. Holler has five extended scenes -- 26 orgasms in 3 hours of rugged, sweaty mountain man action-and a surprising finale. When a backpacker is caught in the old mine by two uniformed highway patrol officers -- a certifiable daddy and his tight young rookie -- he's roughly disciplined. And when the Tom who peeped at the young boy's punishment offers consolation, their midnight romance becomes a passionate fisting, capped with some electro-anal kink! The hills of Appalachia are rockin' with raunch, romance and enough pissin' to fill the horse's trough. You'll be hollerin'!


Holler: Trailer

Starring: Ben Foster, Dean Johnson, Drew Peters, Joey Dino, Leo Tanner, Marc West, Sean Paris, Slate Rassado
Categories: Anal Sex, Behind the Scenes, Big Dicks, Daddies, Hairy, HD-1080p, HD-720p, Muscles, Older/Younger, Oral Sex, Outdoors
Length: 04 min 19 sec
Holler: Preview trailerSCENE # 1

Holler: Billy Wild, Leo Tanner & Sam Ford

Starring: Billy Wild, Leo Tanner, Sam Ford
Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Hairy, HD-1080p, HD-720p, Older/Younger, Oral Sex, Pissing, Redheads, Rimming, Toys, Uncut Dicks
Length: 41 min 31 sec
Down in the holler, a soft rain is keepin’ the menfolk cooped up. In their fake-wood-paneled trailer, stogie smoking Sam Ford and his beefy buddy Leo Tanner are lazin’ the day away watchin’ boxing on TV when strawberry blond Billy Wild brings them a six-pack of beer. Poppin’ a brew, the three unshaven, hairy chested and heavy hung men get down to a roughhousing round robin of slobberin’, face fuckin’ and hungry ass-eatin’. But Sam’s gotta take a leak, so he grabs an empty bottle and fills it until the foamy piss-head bubbles to the top. When Leo slams a finger up Sam’s tight butthole, Sam sprays a hot load of jizz across the men, who let loose with their own eruptions. The sweaty men collapse together, sharing swigs of beer. But is this the bottle Sam pissed in? Starting up a second round, Sam shoots a steamy stream of piss over Billy’s matted chest hair, while Leo’s got half his beer bottle up Billy’s rosy ass. Flip floppin’ around, they work their way into a slammin’ three-way fuck chain, and with a buttplug winkin’ outta Leo’s ass, they mercilessly beat their aching cocks to cum-drenching explosions. The day’s gettin’ off to a...SCENE # 2

Holler: Dixon Parker, Joey Dino & Slate Rassado

Starring: Dixon Parker, Joey Dino, Slate Rassado
Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Daddies, Hairy, HD-1080p, HD-720p, Muscles, Oral Sex, Rimming
Length: 18 min 17 sec
The sun is peakin’ out for a bit, and job foreman Joey Dino takes a break from remodeling a mountain cabin to grope his ponderous cock. This muscular hump has biceps as big as hams, full pecs that are as hefty as the blue plate special down at Bertha’s Home Cookin’ Café, and shadowed with hair that’s been clipped to the nub. When his two carpenters enter, he doesn’t bother to stuff his engorged ramrod back in his jeans, and darkly handsome Slate Rassado and creamy blond Dixon Parker drop their tools so they can pull out their…tools. The rugged trio deep throat each other’s cocks and eat out each other’s meaty assholes to reach a round of frenzied orgasms. Then Joey throws Dixon on the worktable and slides his still-bloated cock smoothly into his eagerly yawning aperture. His fierce grinding soon brings the thrashing bottom to a noisy conclusion, and all three send their hot cum flying. SCENE # 3

Holler: Ben Foster & Dean Johnson

Starring: Ben Foster, Dean Johnson
Categories: Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Construction, HD-1080p, HD-720p, Oral Sex, Rimming, Uncut Dicks
Length: 33 min 49 sec
The soft rain won’t let up, and two stable hands are storing their horse’s gear in the tack room—and attacking each other with fury. Here are two beautiful bodies—Dean Johnson, muscular and lithe, Ben Foster, smooth and robust. They make out passionately, Dean chewing Ben’s wet and loose foreskin, and surly brute Ben throwing such a nasty fuck into his stable mate that Dean’s raucous wailing is for honest-to-goodness real. Ben won’t stop his relentless fucking until they’re both drenched in sweaty exhaustion and boiling manjuice. SCENE # 4

Holler: Drew Peters, Marc West & Sean Paris

Starring: Drew Peters, Marc West, Sean Paris
Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Daddies, HD-1080p, HD-720p, Older/Younger, Oral Sex, Rimming, Solo/Jack Off, Uncut Dicks
Length: 30 min 40 sec
Backpacking waif Drew Peters has found refuge from the rain inside the desolate office of an abandoned mine. Drew is giving his sturdy All-American boner its nightly workout when two fully uniformed highway patrol officers come poking around, and he quickly hides. Certifiable “daddy” Marc West has brought his smooth and tattooed young rookie Sean Paris to this lonely spot for some manhandling make-out. But as Sean slathers hot saliva over West’s hairy torso, they see Drew watching them. Caught relieving their secret lust, they pummel Drew with fierce punishment. West commands Sean to fuck Drew, and West shoves his threatening rod into Sean’s rookie rump, making a three-man chain of pile driving cock. Before the officers are finished, the trio have shot double loads of cum onto each other’s sweat-slick bodies. Having discharged their duty, the officers leave. SCENE # 5

Holler: Drew Peters & Leo Tanner

Starring: Drew Peters, Leo Tanner
Categories: Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Fisting/Ass-Play, Hairy, HD-1080p, HD-720p, Older/Younger, Oral Sex, Rimming
Length: 42 min 58 sec
But Leo Tanner’s been a Peeping Tom and is now all too eager to offer Drew some ardently sexy consolation. Drew locks eyes with Leo as the man sucks his cock and fingers his still-steamy asshole. Leo guides his chunky hard-on smoothly into Drew’s yielding cavern for a deep and earnest love fuck that makes Drew spray a load of cum into Leo’s face. “Keep fucking me!” Drew yells, and Leo doesn’t let up until he shoots his heated, heavy load across the boy. They share a deep kiss. But they don’t stop. Romance gets romantically kinky as the always-prepared Drew pulls a pair of black rubber gloves from his backpack. Leo’s hand glides slowly and passionately into Drew’s tender butt, and takes turns with Drew’s own fist, which corkscrews in way past his wrist. The double-fisted action makes Drew let go spurts of piss and strands of oozing pre-cum. Drew lubes up a fat electrified butt plug for Leo’s ass, and as his meaty butt muscles milk the big toy, the pair kiss deeply and pepper the air with the last reserves of their cum, wrenched from deep within their bodies. SCENE # 6

Holler: Behind the Scenes & Sextras

Starring: Dixon Parker, Drew Peters, Joey Dino, Leo Tanner, Marc West, Sam Ford, Sean Paris
Categories: Behind the Scenes, HD-1080p, HD-720p
Length: 49 min 29 sec
Holler: Behind the Scenes and SextrasSCENE # 7


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